Last night

Last night I had the privilege and fun to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with some wonderful musicians and friends!!    At the reception afterwards my husband made sure that I had a place to sit and patiently stood in the buffet line to prepare my plate.  How pampered I felt!!  He was supportive and yet not patronizing in my nervousness about how the PD might affect the performance.  Fortunately, the only visible sign of the PD was my “dancing” feet under the harpsichord, and those who saw it LIKED it!!!!

At the suggestion of my fabulous husband I have started a blog.  I am a pianist with PD (Parkinson’s Disease) who is struggling with a painful knee (osteoarthritis).  He is helping me and PAMPERING me in an attempt to keep me still and hence, heal more quickly.  It’s been tough as I am usually the caregiver, not the recipient!!  I am so appreciative and in need of his support right now, but I also am trying to think of ways to show him how much he is helping and that I am thankful for his love, always,…..any ideas?